The Top 25 Paid Android Apps in 2014


The Android operating system developed by Google, has risen to its prominence because, there is an Android for every possible budget. Beginning with the most humble entry level of smartphones up to the most high end smartphones that are frequently compared with the iPhones. Whenever you buy an Android smartphone, out of the box it comes with a few basic applications, but the good news about these smartphones is, users have the option to install any number of apps that they desire as long as they have the proper device capable of running the respective application. This has resulted in a blooming app library, where apps are available in many categories, beginning with prank apps whose sole purpose is plain fun, to online banking and financial asset management apps.

Most of these applications are free to download, but for a premium experience, there are applications which require you to pay a certain amount in order to download those. Let us discuss about these paid or premium applications for today. These paid applications also, performs a wide range of tasks for us. It depends mostly on the user’s preferences which app to install from this vast collection. I should also note here that, to realize the full potential of your Android smartphone, you do not need to install any of these paid apps.

Are you interested to know about the paid apps that rocked the charts of 2014. Then follow the link to The Top 25 Paid Android Apps in 2014 and find out. Most apps on there does not cost a fortune, but they are truly amazing at what they can do.