The World’s Most Expensive Teas


Tea to some, is the main source of refreshment. Most often it is served hot, but there are recipes of cold servings of tea as well. It is truly a delicious and flavorsome beverage to have. If we look at the numbers, an astonishing three billion cups of tea are  drunk every day all over the world, thus making it the most popular beverage after water on planet earth. Although, tea is primarily used as an energizing and refreshing beverage, traditional medicine of some cultures prescribes tea as a therapeutic substance.

Tea is primarily harvested in China, India and Sri Lanka, as a cash crop. However, these countries consume quite a bit of team themselves. The different harvesting and processing techniques gives the tea the its variety in quality and taste. Based upon the quality of tea, this seemingly humble drink can cost quite a lot of money. Given that enjoying a cup of tea would not burn a hole through your pocket, but if you really wish to indulge yourself in tea tasting, then you absolutely have to have a fitting wallet to match your craving of tea.

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