The10 Most Expensive Countries to Fly To


Since you have shown interest in this article, it is safe to assume that, you are someone who either travels quite a lot or perhaps are planning a trip abroad soon. You have done the right thing, it is always better to be prepared before you head out for a journey. As you might have noticed, different parts of the world have their respective budget requirements. For example, if you were to plan a trip to Africa, you have to prepare differently (Budget wise) if you were planning a trip to Scandinavian countries. As you know the Scandinavian countries tend to have high cost of living because of their very high per capita income. Though it might not be apparent right off the bat, but one major expense involved in any overseas tour is the travelling expense, and assuming you will be flying to your destination, in this case the airline ticket.

At insider monkey’s blog page we have put together a list of The 10 Most Expensive Countries to Fly To, for the convenience of our readers. If you go through the list you can find the necessary information you need to know. As the name of the article suggest, we have taken into account the 10 most expensive countries to fly to, so if you are indeed planning a trip abroad, I highly recommend that you go check out the list. The list does not only mention the name of the country but also mentions the approximate fare per 100 kilometers as well. Just click on the provided link to access the full article.