Things You Need To Know about SUNY and CUNY


As the school year is soon to be ended, it is time for you to think about what to do next. Maybe you already have some options, or you are still in junior classes, but there are still things you need to know about SUNY and CUNY before you start applying to some college.

City University of New York (CUNY) and the State University of New York (SUNY) are two public university systems in New York State, both compiled of universities, campuses, and community and technical colleges. While the SUNY is the state university, which is why its campuses are placed across the entire state (64 campuses, to be exact), CUNY is not that far behind with their 23 campuses, giving the circumstances that their campuses are placed exclusively in the City of New York.

As we always say, most expensive doesn’t mean the best, and public schools and colleges can have equally worked out and high-quality educational system. These public universities are still among the cheapest colleges in the world, but Governor Cuomo is making plans to even eliminate the tuition for qualified applicants, which will allow talented students to pass even cheaper than they already do now. And if you are one of them, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?

Also, the acceptance rate for the the both City University of New York and the State University of New York is very high, which means that your grades may not be as high as grades of Harvard’s applicants, but your exam is more relevant.

And if you would look at the CUNY and SUNY reviews of older students, you would find these universities even greater, as they are not all about studying 20 hours a day and forget about sleeping and social life for the next couple of years. Actually, these universities are offering the full college experience, with college sport’s activities and competition, educational competition, and social activities in general. If you were wondering about parties, there are on every day and night.

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