German American Bancorp., Inc. (NASDAQ:GABC)’s Director Douglas Bawel purchased 16 shares, at a price of $27.45 per share. Following this transaction, the amount of shares held indirectly by Mr. Bawl reaches 25,957 shares, along with another 25,957 shares, held directly by him. These amounts include shares obtained pursuant to the Company’s dividend reinvestment plan. Director Butch U Klem, by his part, acquired the same amount of shares, at the same Price. Following this transaction, Mr. Klem owns 98,374 shares directly, and another 87,500 through different indirect holdings. Finally, Director Christina Ernst procured 32 shares, at a Price $27 per share. Mrs. Ernst owns 23,889 shares by Ernst Revocable Trust, 2,115 shares by spouse (Ernst Revocable Trust) and another 446 shares, held by spouse.

Additionally, this $354.51 Million Market Cap financial services holding company attracted Renaissance Technologies, Jim Simons0 hedge fund. It owns 25,800 shares, worth $745,000.

Disclosure: None.