On Wednesday, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co (NASDAQ:HMHC) saw three of its insiders unload stock as well as exercise stock options. The firm’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Eric Lon Shuman sold the largest bulk of stock, unloading 29,316 shares of Common Stock at a weighted average sale price of $18.04 per share. The insider then sold another 7,684 shares yesterday, paying a price of $17.76 per share. The disposition concludes Schuman’s second transaction of the fiscal year so far, since unloading 37,000 shares of Common Stock for $19.52 per share in June.

Linda Kay Zecher, President and Chief Executive Officer at Houghton, closed a sale for 22,238 shares of Common Stock, using stock options and paying a weighted average price of $18.07 per share. Furthermore, the company’s Executive Vice President, William Frederick Bayers, completed the sale streak at Houghton, unloading 15,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, at a weighted average price of $18.04 per share and using employee stock options.

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