David Joseph Meyer, Director and Chief Executive Officer at Titan Machinery Inc (NASDAQ:TITN) acquired last September 10th through an open market transaction 90,250 shares of Common Stock. These were bought at a weighted average price of $13.01, for a total value of $1,174,062. Following the filing, Mr. Meyer directly owns 754,258 shares and indirectly owns 2,200,000 held by the Meyer Family Investment Limited Partnership.

In the same way, some of Titan Machinery Inc (NASDAQ:TITN)’s major hedge fund investors on record have also decided to increase their stake in the $292.29 market cap firm that owns and operates a network of service agricultural and construction equipment stores in the United States and Europe. Joe Huber’s fund, Huber Capital Management –owner of over 1.3 shares- has done so by 15%. Also, Ken Griffin’s Citadel Investment Group –owner of 133,008- has increased its participation in the firm by 5%.


Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any of the stocks or funds mentioned. 

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