Humans are no doubt the most dominant species on the planet today, but this has not always been the case. The earliest human societies cowered in caves and tree tops, as they were on the very bottom of the food chain back then. But, our superior intellect has made us what we are today. One of the most notable discoveries of the ancient world, perhaps, was the method of agriculture. It is through agriculture that we make nature work for us, and produce food to keep the world fed. And even to this day, our entire civilization is heavily dependent on this prehistoric process of producing food for ourselves. Yes, heavy industrialization and modern technology have taken agriculture off the limelight, but from the looks of it, for the foreseeable future we will rely solely on agriculture as the main source of food. Today, we will be talking about the countries that are really efficient in producing agricultural goods. Apart from being the major food producing sector, in some countries, where human resources are in abundance, agriculture is a very profitable prospect as well. As you will soon discover, as you go through the well put together article.

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