Top 10 Ancient Atheist Philosophers and Their Quotes


Religion has been a part of our lives for a very long time. Many anthropologists speculate and theorize that the concept of religion began way back when we could not make sense of natural occurrences. Such as lightning and thunder, forest fires, tsunamis and so on. Back in the day we believed that this was all doing of an omnipotent being. Thus came about the concept of religion. However, that is just a theory, and unless it is proven to be a fact, we cannot be certain that there is no God. Even though back in the day, science was not this advanced, but there were some people who believed that there was no God. I am talking bout ancient times here, when being an atheist was not an easy thing to do. Back then people accused of ageism were viewed under the same light as blasphemy. Things have changed a lot, but the ancient ideology of atheism still persists today. But, we will not be talking about modern atheists today, rather we will talk about the ancient atheists today and talk about a few of their and to be specific some famous quotes from them.

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