Top 10 Best Freelancing Platforms and Websites for 2021


In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 freelancing platforms for 2021.

The H1N1 pandemic forced many businesses to go remote. Many are now questioning the wisdom of operating in a digital world. The study found that the freelance economy contributed more than a trillion dollars to the US economy annually. It was the fifth-largest contributor to the country’s total gross domestic product.

Five years ago, McKinsey & Co. predicted that the rise of freelance work would be huge. In 2015, the company released the most detailed study on the topic.

Upwork’s report claimed that 38% of Americans now work as freelancers. Another interesting statistic revealed that the number of skilled professionals who provide services to employers had increased significantly over the past couple of years.

Upwork is a digital platform that connects employers with job seekers. It was founded in 2015 by the former leaders of the online employment industry, Elance and oDesk. The platform features a robust database of verified work history and reviews, as well as payment methods.

Upwork is a $5.8 billion market cap company with more than a million user accounts. It has a robust revenue base and projects a 25% increase in 2020’s revenue.

Stifel upgraded Upwork’s stock to buy from hold after the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report. The firm noted that the company’s momentum was being supported by the favorable impact of the pandemic.

Fiverr is an Israeli marketplace that enables freelancers to offer their services to employers globally. It was launched in 2010 by Sam Kaufman and Shai Wininger.

The company’s annual revenue has reached more than $180 million and is expected to continue increasing at a rate of around 50% in the next year. Its total active users have more than doubled to more than 3.5 million.

MKM Partners has upgraded its Sell rating on Fiverr to Neutral with a balanced risk-reward profile.

Freelancer is an Australian website that enables employers to post jobs and freelancers to compete for them. It has marketplaces in 44 different languages and 21 currencies. Its platform also offers various payment methods and support services.

Monster is one of the largest online job marketplaces in the world, with annual revenue of more than $46 million in 2019. It has more than 180,000 different job categories and thousands of freelancers.

Since its inception, Freelancer has been focused on acquiring companies that support its vision of becoming the leading freelance platform.

Aquent is a digital recruitment agency founded in 1986 by Steven Kapner and John Chuang. It provides temporary staff services in the areas of marketing and website development.

Toptal is a job board that connects top freelancers in different fields. It was founded by Breanden Beneschott and Taso Du Val in 2010. The company started with just over $1 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz and other angels. It turned a profit in its first year and didn’t require additional funding. 

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