Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World


The word “intelligence agency” carries a negative connotation for an average person. And to a certain degree, that is totally justified. Because most, if not all intelligence agencies tend to work covertly and as a citizen of a democratic country, it is expected from the government and all of its agencies to be as transparent as possible to the general public. However, we must understand that things are not always that simple. There are many reasons behind this covert nature of intelligence agencies around the world. For one, the stake at which they operate in, I mean the entire country’s security is at question here, any mismanagement of sensitive information could result in catastrophic consequences, and be it as it may, not all of us are qualified enough to handle sensitive information. Therefore, most intelligence agencies operate in such a covert manner. Opposition to this sentiment to exist, and people believe that these agencies are tampering with their civil rights. But our topic today is not the controversy surrounding these agencies, instead we will be objectively delving into discovering the best intelligence in the world. You can learn more about the process as you will go through our full article regarding this matter.

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