10 Busiest Cargo Airports In The World


Hardly a century ago, had hauling large consignments of cargo from point A to point B had to be done via sea, if these had a considerable distance between them. No other means of transportation was quite unthinkable back in the day. But today, alongside seafaring vessels we also have air transport services. Which in essence allows for much faster cargo delivery time. But traditional means of hauling via ships are still the primary way of transporting large consignments. However, air transport is gaining popularity for the last few decades. Especially with sensitive goods and if you want your goods delivered as fast as possible. There are specific types of aircraft that do the cargo hauling and are designed with that in mind, therefore these aircrafts need a different type of airport in order to load and unload the cargo. These aircrafts are generally known as cargo or transport planes. Today we will be looking at some of the busiest cargo airports of the world. These airports serve as the testament to human ingenuity and technical achievements. Alongside handling cargo these mega airports also control air traffic and performs maintenance work on aircrafts.

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