Computer technology has evolved enough that to have miniaturized a very powerful computer into the size of a kitkat bar. The first computers took entire rooms for accomodation and were far less powerful than a regular handheld smartphone. The smartphones are the new sensation in the world of business oriented science today. Ever since its inception the smartphone industry has grown and it did not reach its peak as yet. To support the smartphone industry and make a fortune for themselves, the application or software, developing firms all over the world are working tirelessly round the clock.

Notably the first ever true smartphone to reach the shelves of retailers all over the world was Apples first iPhone. It was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007 and immediately it became a huge success and ushered they way for every other smartphone we see today. Apple has managed to hold on to its success streak, unlike some other early smartphone manufacturing companies, line the blackberry. The blackberry lost its favor to Android (the operating system that is used by the majority of today’s smartphones regardless of brand name) powered phones due to the lack of meaningful and diverse app library. Even though Apple’s iPhones operate on a proprietary operating system, the app store for Apple is rich with versatile and interesting apps.

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