The food sector is that branch of industry which is dealing with food processing for animals and humans and its key task is to fulfill the food-related requirements of customers. In the pre-industrial society, food is grown by the man himself or sometimes exchanged food, traded it, while at present only a specific part of the society is involved in the production of food. Currently, the fishing industry, the bakery industry, the meat industry, and the dairy industry are developed. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has put this industry of food all over the world in front of high-level logistical issues such as closed borders, falling production, and canceled orders. During the crisis of Coronavirus, the food sector proved to be amongst the highly resilient difficult and new situation, so firms working in that area are not considering that their firm or business to face any danger. Thus, the food sector properly defined in the mechanism of classification of different types of activities and involves the production of different agricultural food products, fisheries, and forestry and also involves the production of different intermediate items along with other by-products which have a less or high value. 

In this article, we will share with you a list of the Top 10 biggest Food Companies in accordance to the detailed post by Insider Monkey. Let’s start with the first company on the list known as Lactalis. This is a multinational dairy product company based in French and the ownership of the firm is of the Besnier family. The former name of the company was Besnier SA. This is the biggest dairy product company in the world and is the 2nd biggest group producing food in France. They are providing a broad range of dairy and milk products, cultured products, fruit juices, and other cheese products. There are more than 75,000 employees working in the company and the total revenues of the firm are $21 billion. Emmanuel Besnier is the controlling shareholder and CEO of the firm. The next biggest food company is Kraft Heinz Company which is an American food firm that was started by the merger of Heinz and Kraft Foods and the headquarters of the company is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois. This company is one of the biggest beverage and food companies which has reported $25.0 billion of sales in the year 2019. The majority of the brands are part of the profile of the company including Oscar Mayer, Grey Poupon, etc. The company was started in 2015 and Miguel Patricio is the CEO of the company. There are 38,757 employees in the company. For reading the complete list of the biggest food companies, you can read 15 Biggest Food Companies In The World.

Top 10 Biggest Food Companies