The way we used to work before the global coronavirus pandemic has changed altogether. During the pandemic, the companies allowed their workers to work from home. To accomplish official tasks, people adopted cloud computing and started to work on various cloud-based apps and softwares. The work from home concept increased the overall demand of SaaS solutions. According to Microsoft sources, active users of Microsoft Teams increased from 44 million during March 2020 to 115 million in October 2020. At present, it has become a preference of investors to invest in cloud computing startups. As per data available from CB Insights, the number of deals in the cloud computing sector has increased to 97 during the second quarter of 2020 from 76 during the same corresponding period in 2019. Investors invested a sum of $3 billion from April until June 2020 in cloud computing startups. In the years ahead, things will change a lot as far as computing and IT is concerned. Meanwhile, for cloud computing startups, security is a major point of concern to move to cloud platforms. In this regard, various startups are working to overcome this problem. For example, developers at Snyk Inc help detect vulnerabilities in cloud applications and resolve them. This article covers Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies as shared by Insider Monkey in one of their articles on Yahoo.

China-based Alibaba Group offers a wide range of cloud services. These services include storage, database, networking, AI, and hybrid cloud. Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, offers one-stop cloud-based solutions to companies. As per available data, Alibaba reported a 50% increase in its cloud revenue during the fourth quarter of 2020. The revenue increased to $2.47 billion. During 2019, Alibaba and Salesforce announced partnership. Under this understanding, Alibaba became an exclusive partner of providing salesforce services and software in Asian markets including Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. Another notable company is Tencent Holdings is the largest internet service provider in China. This company provides high-performance cloud computing services via Tencent Cloud. The services of Tencent Cloud for global business organizations are economical and reliable. Tencent Cloud is popular within the gaming industry as it provides high-end cloud-based gaming infrastructure. There are various other cloud computing companies which are popular among global business enterprises and provide a wide array of cloud-based solutions. You can read about these companies in this article 15 Most Valuable Computing Companies.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies