We published the another article little bit earlier, listing the countries with the worst oral health and hygiene so it is only natural that we would publish the opposite of that article. So here it is, in this article we will talk about countries with the best oral health and hygiene. The great news is United States did make it in the list. So here is yet another reason to be proud of United States. However, to be honest I was expecting America to rank much higher up on the list, but being on the list is quite impressive to say the least, as we are only counting top 10 countries in the entire world. Anyway, we opted for the DMFT score to determine the world leaders in oral health and hygiene for this article. DMFT score shows the number of decayed, missing, filled teeth of a patient during a general dental exam. Yes, DMFT index does not take into account people who are already suffering from oral problems, rather it takes into account general checkups performed by dentists on people, usually students of a school and records the number of decayed, missing, filled teeth for each individual. So basically, the lower the number, the better a country’s oral health is.

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