Top 10 Countries With the Worst Teeth, Oral Health and Hygiene in the World


We often try to take on topics that are not only informative and fun to read but also acts to raise awareness. You can tell right from the title that this article is geared more towards raising awareness and attracting attention towards a serious issue. Our teeth is not only an accessory that help us accentuate our beauty but it is also extremely functional. If you have great teeth, then just ask someone who has suffered a tooth ache and they will tell you how important it is to keep your teeth healthy. Did you know, we have both carnivorous and herbivorous teeth in our mouth and that suggests that we are designed to be omnivores? Well, let’s not go off topic here, that was just a small fun trivia. Anyway, regardless of your dietary choice, you must keep your teeth healthy and clean. The countries that made our list today, certainly has a lot of issue regarding oral health and hygiene. We made this list in order to raise the general awareness and also brought to light the importance of having healthy teeth. We will also offer expert opinion on how to keep your teeth healthy and clean as well.

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