Top 10 Countries With Zika Virus in The Americas


Humanity has been battling microbes from time immemorial. It is only recently that we have been able to prevent major endemics with some degree of success. If we take a look at history, then we will come across tarrying events and massive loss of life caused by diseases originating from viruses and bacteria. Our children are most precious to us. And the virus we are going to talk about today, affect them the most. Zika infection is a serious concern for the world. Initially, the virus only caused fevers, but it is quite possible that the virus could spread from pregnant mothers to their child. And the virus causes most damage to the child in the womb. Often mothers infected with the Zika virus will give birth to children with deformed heads and other abnormalities. Another cause for concern is that the virus can be transmitted sexually from the father as well. Anyway, if you are planning a trip to the South America, then I highly recommend that you take adequate protection. The list contains the names of the countries most affected by the outbreak of Zika virus, it is worth a read if you ask me.

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