Top 10 Drug Free Countries in the World


If you think that Insider Monkey’s list of top 10 drug free countries in the world is going to be just another list of countries with the strictest drug laws in the world, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Surely having laws which include a death penalty for drug dealers or a death penalty for drug trafficking may seem like a perfect guarantee that the country is going to be drug free. However, experience has taught us that there are no boundaries to human imagination and creativity, and that goes for this unfortunate business, too. in order to fight them, some countries from the list do have death penalties for drug trafficking and drug dealing, but not all of them.

On the other hand, there are countries with no drug laws, as some may put it. In a nutshell, those would be the countries that have adopted a liberal attitude towards drugs. We assume you already have the Netherlands in mind, but there is another country that has done something quite appalling at the time, and that is decriminalization of all drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, and heroin! Find out which one it is! Even though you may expect havoc to have happened, the situation is quite the opposite.

To summarize, drug free countries in this case are those with the lowest number of deaths due to drug abuse, and those which don’t have sufficient evidence of drug production or large-scale drug trafficking. Imagining there is a single country in the world without the smallest amount of a prohibited substance sounds like a fairy tale, so they traced the lowest drug use country. If you think it’s a highly developed country, think again.

We hope we’ve grabbed enough of your attention to click on top 10 drug free countries in the world and see if (any of) your guesses are correct!