Top 10 Financial Services Companies in Fortune 500


We are all probably familiar with the fortune 500 list, but let me just briefly touch up on the subject. Well, fortune 500 is a list of top 500 public corporations of the United States, based upon their revenue performance. The companies that made the list are definitive organizations in their respective fields. And any company would like to be included in the list. Companies from several industries grace the list with their name and financial service companies are no exception. That being said, the prevailing economic conditions did not bode well for financial service companies, they did take a rather brutal hit from it, resulting in massive layoffs and downsizing. But still there are financial companies out there who are holding their own, these companies that make into the fortune 500 are not just good news for the investors, but they are great as well as employers. If you want to make a career in finance then these are the companies you ought to try your luck with. The perks and facilities they offer to keep their employees happy goes way beyond the standard. And so far this technique has been working well for them.

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