New firms are started by serial entrepreneurs, they make these businesses successful and sell them in the market to startup new businesses. In the US serial entrepreneurship is growing rapidly. The youth of the country are motivated to launch their own startups through the success stories of different young individuals such as Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe’s, Jack Dorsey who is founder of Twitter, Sahil Lavingia founder of Gumroad’s, Jim McKelvey founder of Square, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook owner, and many others. If the venture startup idea becomes successful then the entrepreneurs get profit and developments on their efforts of taking a risk. However, they may face huge losses if they do not properly assess the applications and calculations. On the contrary, continuous risks are taken by serial entrepreneurs. Real issues are analyzed by serial entrepreneurs and they find solutions for which people are ready to pay. This article provides information about Top 10 Global Serial Entrepreneurs as shared by Insider Monkey.

First on the list is Mukesh Ambani from India. The reliance industry is a multi-conglomerate industry operating in the gas, oil, retail, petrochemicals, and telecom and the current chairman of the industry is Mukesh Ambani. Reliance was started as a small textile producer by the father of Ambani. The company was shifted to the petrochemical giant by Mukesh Ambani. Currently, $80 billion revenue and $123.8 billion market cap has been generated by the company. Many other companies including Reliance Life Sciences, Network 18, Jio, Reliance Retail, Football Sports Development Limited, Reliance Industrial Infrastructure, and Reliance Petroleum are also owned by Mukesh Ambani. Second is Larry Ellison from United States. In 1977 the Oracle which is the second largest global software company. It was founded by Larry Ellison who is a serial entrepreneur. Ellison in mid of 1900 got an opportunity to compete with the world’s largest software company Microsoft Corporation by developing a Network Computer (NC) which is a cheap alternative to a Desktop computer. However, his premature cloud computing venture could not beat Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Oracle’s aggressive strategy was initiated by Ellison in 2000 to purchase rival software companies including Siebel (2006), Sun Microsystems (2010), PeopleSoft (2005), and BEA (2008). In 2016, the major achievement of Oracle was a deal worth $9.6 billion with Netsuite, the world’s biggest cloud computing software developer. Sensei was founded by him in March 2018, which is a wellness startup in Lanai Island, Hawaii on holiday retreats and hydroponic farming. He purchased 3 million shares of Tesla Inc. and was also included in the Tesla board of directors. You can read about more renowned businessmen in this article Top 15 Serial Entrepreneurs In The World.

Top 10 Global Serial Entrepreneurs