It is a fact that the most important element that nature provides us is Water. Even water is more important for life as compared to food. Scientists have proved that a human body cannot live without water for 3 days but can live without food for 3 weeks. The body will go into a vegetative state and shock even if it manages to stay alive without water but still gets dehydrated. Oxygen is the only natural thing that is more important than water. 20 to 50 liters of safe and clean water is the daily required amount of water for a human body. This amount of water is required for cleaning, drinking, and other basic needs. The role of water is to prevent diseases, allows to remove toxins, nourishes everything, it is also important for sanitation as well as agriculture and for the production of food. There are rich and plentiful sources from where we can get water. Disney’s National Geographic determined that earth contains 71% of water but the amount of freshwater present on earth is 3%. This 3% of water cannot be accessed as most of it is locked in permafrost, glaciers, and ice caps and is underground and only 1.2% is drinkable. The main sources of accessible freshwater include spring water, rock holes, surface water, lakes, excavated dams, artesian bores, rivers, rainwater tanks, wells, and bores, and catchment areas. You will learn about Top 10 Global Water Companies in this article.

Dasani is the daughter company of the world-leading company Coca Cola and is determined as the second finest brand in the US. This brand contains filtered tap water with added sodium in a bottle. The company was established in 1999 such that 2 decades ago and is delivering water around the world. However in different countries such as Latin America, the Republic of Ireland, the United States, the UK, and Canada the company has a leading position and most popular brand. “Can’t live without it” is the tagline of a brand of water bottles. Another company is C’est Bon. The owner of C’est Bon drinking water brand is a Chinese company named China Resource Beverages (Holdings) Limited. The headquarters of the company is situated in Hi-tech Park in Nanshan District. C’est Bon is also the owner of fire coffee, Zero Pascal, Afternoon Tea, Magic, and Jialinsh, and the most popular one Shenzhen. C’est Bon is also the biggest competitor of number 14 Nongfu Spring Company. You can learn about other companies in this article 15 Biggest Water Companies in the World.

Top 10 Global Water Companies