Top 10 Gold Mining Companies In The World


Would you like to gain more information about the top gold mining companies in the world? Great! We are here to deliver you a valuable article on this issue, published by Insider Monkey recently. Gold has escorted the human history, and it has always been very expensive. The reason is to be searched in several reasons. Gold is resistant to almost all the acids, it doesn’t corrode, viruses can’t stay on the surface of gold, not to mention it’s beautiful.

Another reason is rarity, and we all know – the more rare something is, the more valuable it will be. Humans were always been able to start wars just to get the control of the gold mines. On the other hand, gold was used as a mean of payment for centuries. So what are the largest gold mining companies? Come with us for a virtual tour to the world of the gold mines.

After this brief introduction, let’s see two companies from the list. At first, on the tenth spot here’s Sibanye Stillwater LTD, South Africa (JSE:SSW) with its amazing market capitalization of 2.8 billion in dollars as of 2019. Its total revenue also in the same year was 4,522 million dollars. Sibanye Gold merged with Sibanye-Stillwater, forming the world’s largest platinum producers, and also making a strong presence of gold and palladium market. On the sixth spot we can find Kinross Gold Corp, a Canadian company, with a jaw-dropping market capitalization of 5.6 billion in dollars. Kinross can also boast with having had a total revenue of 3,303 in million dollars in 2019. Kinross Gold Corp was launched in 1993 and it is based in Toronto, Canada. It possesses eight active gold mines, contributing the bulk of the revenue to the company, which was $3.3 billion in 2019. For getting more detailed information, please jumpt to the list of the top gold mining companies in the world.