Engineering is the very basic component of every field of mankind. Engineering has a prominent role within human society and every innovation which is being made during the current high-tech era is due to different types of engineering fields. All the fields related to engineering ranging from transportation, developing complex programs and softwares and designing huge computer softwares, all these fields involve engineering. These fields are inter-related with one another. With the world transforming into a high-tech entity, various other forms of engineering fields are emerging which are creating job opportunities as well as these fields are a source of revenue and business around the globe. Some of the prominent engineering fields are civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering. All these fields have evolved with the passage of time. In the beginning, these were founded with limited knowledge and information but now, the development in these fields have created sub-fields in these areas of engineering. The world is transforming at a very fast pace and things are likely to change more as far as engineering is concerned. This article covers details about Top 10 Growing Engineering Fields as shared by Insider Monkey in one of their Yahoo posts.

One of the popular engineering kinds is Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture. In these engineering fields, all the design, construction and planning are related to naval vessels which range from aircraft carriers to high and mighty cruise ships. In this engineering area, the engineers plan and build internal ship systems like electrical, steering and refrigeration. The planners and architects are responsible to take care of the entire ship design, structure, form and hull. Besides earning a 4-year degree in this profession, marine engineering and architecture requires professional experience. The growth rate of this engineering industry has been projected at 1% and the salaries of engineers for this field are highly paid. Another engineering field is Mining Engineering, and it is used in various areas like the electronics industry. The origin of this engineering can be traced to minerals and metals which are obtained from mines. Engineers engaged in this field are popular as mining engineers as their role is to explore new mines, geological study, mineral processing, geotechnical and metallurgical engineering. These engineers are also paid a high sum of money because demand of lithium, copper, nickel and several other metals are in high demand within the electronics industry. There are various other engineering fields. You can read about those in 15 Fastest-Growing Engineering Fields article.

Top 10 Growing Engineering Fields