Today we are going to read about the largest lakes in the US. Insider Monkey has recently compiled the largest lakes across America, and it’s worth reading it as usual. Do you like natural waters? Do you enjoy diving into this blue, life-giving substance? As for me, water is my favorite element. I love everything about water, sporting activities, getting a good suntan, really everything. But what is a lake? Actually, it’s a basin filled with natural water, surrounded by land and being fed by rivers or brooks. If we look it up in a geographical atlas or a student book, we can see there are lots of types of lakes: meteorite lakes, freshwater lakes, fluvial lakes, and artificial lakes, just to name a few. When it comes to artificial lakes, they are generally built for agricultural or industrial purpose, but they are also popular as recreational spots, being great tourist attractions. The top five lakes are the Great Lakes of North America – Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario and Eirie Lakes having so strong economy, if this region was its own country, it would be the third-largest economy in the world by GDP. The region is involved in automotive and space industry, agriculture and manufacturing.

And now, without a further ado, let’s see what Insider MOnkey has investigated for us about the largest lakes. We have taken three lakes from their compilation. On the ninth spot here is the first one is Lake Oahe, which lies in North Dakota-South Dakota, and has an area of 685 sq mi/1,774 km2. It’s an artificial lake, ie. a éarge reservoir behing Oahe Dam on the Missouri River. It’s maximum depth is 205 ft/62 m. Its name comes from the Oahe Indian Mission in 1874. The next lake stands on the seventh spot. Lake of the Woods lies in Manitoba-Minnesota-Ontario, and has an area of 1,679 sq mi/4,349 km2. Being a natural lake, it is fed by Shoal lake, Kakagi Lake and Rainy River. Its more than 70 miles/110 km long and wide, and amazingly it includes over 14,552 islands! At last but not least, we are mentioning Lake Ontario, which the smallest among the Great Lakes, and stands on the fifth spot on the list. It lies in New York-Ontario an a land area of 7,340 sq mi/19,011 km2. For more interesting information and facts about the lakes, please see the list of the largest lakes in the US.


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