Perhaps the rivers are bodies of water to which we humans owe the most to for our civilization and for our survival. If we go through human history, and look at the earliest civilizations, we will always find a great river at the heart of these ancient civilizations. If take the Egyptians as the example, we can see the great Nile river in its heart. Today we will be talking about the largest rivers in the world that gave rise to some of the most powerful civilizations of the ancient world. These great bodies of water, bring life giving water to millions of people even to this day, and supports their unique ecosystem as these flows through a wide variety of landscapes. You do not need to be a marine biologist to love these wonderful creations of nature. As I mentioned, today we will be taking a look at the largest rivers of the world, but determining a river’s length is quite difficult, as, many rivers join together in river systems and it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint where one individual river begins. But we can also measure the magnitude of rivers of its volume and we have opted for the latter for this article.

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