Top 10 Least Expensive Hybrid Cars to Save the Planet With


As the new millennium picks up its pace, we get even stronger in our commitment to keep our planet green. The green movement has inspired millions around the world to lower their carbon footprint. The technological advances that we ravel in today, we have paid for with the Lifeforce of our very precious planet. The carbon monoxide our mega factories and cities produce is suffocating our ecosystem and eventually it will cost us very dearly. However, all is not lost yet, we can still minimize the diminishing effects on our planet by consciously minimizing our carbon emission.

One of the major reasons for pollution is the emission from cars. Fossil fuel driven cars are not much efficient as well, they waste a lot of energy. Scientists all over the world are trying to mitigate the rate of emission and remedy this problem. One solution to this issue could be using electric cars. They run on electricity, they are way more efficient in energy usage, however, the electric cars lack the range of a conventional car. Unless substantial breakthrough in battery technology is achieved, an affordable electronic car with appreciable range is a far cry.

So, for the time being the most viable solution to minimizing your carbon footprint would be to go for a car with a hybrid propulsion system. A hybrid car  has gasoline or diesel engine along with an electric motor. To know more about this concept go to Top 10 Least Expensive Hybrid Cars to Save the Planet With.