The basic strategy for quantitative investment is Momentum investing which investors are seeking to gain benefit. It is a strategy to purchase high and sell even higher. The term momentum is defined by Newton’s first law of motion that “an object stays in motion unless a force is applied on that object.” However, the market stays in motion unless it experiences any external or internal force. Generally, the trends in the market never stop. In 2004 this strategy was developed when Richard Driehaus, a fund manager in Chicago changed practice to strategy. He is known as the father of momentum investing but this strategy was not used by him for the first time. The stocks with Good worth were purchased by him and he did not sell them until their market price increased. He re-invested in those stocks with an upward trend when he notices a downward trend in shares he already had and he highlights selling those stocks. It may be a challenge to take a decision for an investor to invest while the economy is declining and during the instability period of the market. On the other hand, the market trends are not followed by momentum investing as they take benefit of raise in stocks and sell those with downward trends. This article will give you an idea about Top 10 Momentum Stocks for 2021.

Alphabet, Inc. Class A is a company. As GOOGL class A has the right of voting, hence it differs from GOOG. But they both are part of the same organization. The organization has made two categories of shared in April 2014 to reserve the founders’ Sergey Brin and Larry Page control. The insider has recently purchased 162 shares in the last week of September 2020 which were of great worth. Another company is Amazon which is among the top momentum stock to purchase right now. The insider monkey has pursued 245 hedge funds in the last week of September which was a major part of this stock. Ken Griffin’s Citadel Investment Group is the largest hedge fund saving stake which has invested $18 billion in this stock in the last days of September. Recently, in October 2020, 1 share of this stock has been tracked by an insider at worth $3,212. Since then, there is a 2% increase in stock. Are you interested to learn about more companies? Check out this article 15 Best Momentum Stocks to Buy Now.

Top 10 Momentum Stocks for 2021