Cars have become an inseparable element of our daily life. Whether it be transportation or for recreation, cars serve a vital role in our society. The only downside to owning cars is that it increases your carbon footprint, but unless a new and better alternative is discovered, it seems cars will remain the primary medium of personal transportation for the time being. That being said, cars serve another purpose for a very small demographic, which is providing protection for them while they travel from one point to another. These people, though they belong to a very small demographic, but can easily become the target of violence. People like heads of state or very important politicians or businessperson. They need all the protection they can master. And usually they are most vulnerable while in transit from one place to another. To serve this niche automobile manufacturers have come up with a unique combination of a car and a tank called the armored cars. They boast tank line armor protection and features of a modern luxury car.

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