Top 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Movies Ever


Bollywood is the sobriquet of Hindi language film industry. It is based in Mumbai, India. The Indian film industry has been active since 1913, the first notable example of Indian film industry is “Raja Harishchandra” it is believed to be the first silent feature film in India. In recent years Bollywood films have gained much popularity in the west, mostly due to the large South Asian population residing in Canada and United States. Indian film industry possesses many records, even in the 1930s Indian film industry used to produce more than 200 films annually, and now the number have reached well over a thousand. In recent years, producers and filmmakers in Bollywood, have started to spend quite a bit of money in making films, by Bollywood standards of course. As the trend of films, collecting more than 100 million rupees continues, the producers seem to invest more in these movies. Also, as the technology of film making evolves, producers kind of need the large budgets to incorporate the latest technologies into their movies.

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