Undoubtedly, music is a part our being. It is not just a form of entertainment, rather it is a means for us to communicate, to reach out, and to relate to with other people. Compelling evidence has found that suggests that music started along with the dawn of humanity. And it has ever since been practiced and adorn by us. Today, we have a lot of musicians providing us with endless entertainment with their work. And music is more accessible for all of us, thanks to the ground breaking advancements made in communication technology and the internet. We can now listen to any song that we want, from anywhere, given that we have online connectivity. Today, we will be talking about the most googled musicians of the yesteryear. Yes, googling is a proper English word. Which means to look something up on the internet using the Google search engine. We always like to know about the people we care about, and celebrities are no exceptions. And of course we would like to know more about our favorite musicians, and what better way is there to learn more about any topic than the internet.

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