Top 10 Phone Companies


Things have changed a lot around us. When we used to be kids, it was difficult to buy a simple phone with an MP3 player and a camera. But possessing a mobile phone these days is very common. It is a reality that having the most popular and expensive mobile phone is no less than a status symbol similar to having a luxury car and a palatial house. I come across several people daily who are scolded by their fellows for being in possession of an older and cheaper handset. With the ever increasing mobile phone trend, several big companies have emerged around the globe. They offer a lot of attractive mobiles with various features to allure mobile lovers. Every big company released a major model every year to remain in the market. These companies also release mid and lower range handsets. The types of phones and features have totally changed. I very clearly remember that a decade ago, we used to have simple phones but now, for many people, having a phone with a wide array of features means everything to them. The lower range mobile phones and Chinese handsets can be seen all over the market. They are available as low as $80 and offers all essential features. This article covers the Top 10 Biggest Phone Companies in The World as shared by Insider Monkey.

Oppo is one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers and is based in China. The company produces other tech gadgets including power banks and audio devices. The company was founded in the year 2001 and since then, it has expanded its operations to 40 countries around the world. Mainly, Oppo is popular for smartphones and it maintained an 8% share in the mobile market during the third quarter of the year 2020. Another popular company is Xiaomi. It is a popular company with a 13% market share during the third quarter of outgoing year. As compared to previous year, the company’s market share increased by 5% and it witnessed an increase of 75% in its sales. Several companies witnessed slowdown during the pandemic but Xiaomi was amongst those few companies which performed well during this time. According to available data, the total number of units shipped during the third quarter of 2020 was 46.2 million. The information is interesting, right? Want to continue reading about other companies too? Check out 10 Biggest Phone Companies in the World.