Top 10 Quantum Computing Stocks


The majority of Quantum computing firms are not pure-play, therefore, making investments in such stocks would offer possible capital gain through purchasing as well as retaining the stock along with observing the growth of the industry. The long-term probability of bringing these techs towards the marketplace will offer huge returns. At present, few of the largest tech companies are focusing on technology for introducing QC in areas including utilities, military affairs, aerospace, logistics, AI, pharmaceuticals, and particularly digital manufacturing. As per the reports of Nasdaq, the gains related to productivity by end-customers of quantum computing, as a form of revenue opportunities as well as cost savings, are being expected to increase the level of $450 billion per annum. 

We have selected the list of Top 10 quantum computing stocks from the companies reviewed by Insider Monkey. We are starting our list with Applied Materials Inc. or AMAT. This firm is popular for its engineering solutions utilized virtual production of the new chip in the world. In the Q4 of the year 2020, around 59 hedge funds have been found of owning this stock. Among these funds, Generation Investment Management held the most valuable stake in From these 59 hedge funds, the highly worthy stocks of the company are held by Generation Investment Management. The company has owned $312.3 million worth of stocks in Q3 of 2020. Matrix Capital, Arrowstreet Capital, and AQR Capital Management are also top hedge funds of this stock. 

Next company that we have selected is NXP Semiconductors NV working as the best QC stock at present. By the end of Q3 of 2020, around 68 hedge funds showed bullish behavior towards this stock. According to Insider Monkey:

“An insider purchased 1,500 shares at around $134 in October 2020. The stock is up 25% since then. NXPI was mentioned as one of the 14 Best Internet of Things (IoT) Stocks to Buy Now. NXPI is known for the production of semiconductors. They operate in three segments, standard products, high-performance mixed-signal and Corporate, and others. During the third quarter of 2020, the company reported total revenue of $2.27 billion.”

This is the overview of 2 of the highly popular QC stocks to buy now which are reviewed by Insider Monkey. If you are keen to learn more about these 2 stocks as well as many others on the list and then decide for making investment then all you need to do is to read 11 Best Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy Now.

Top 10 Quantum Computing Stocks