Top 10 Safest Low-Cost Airlines in the World


When it comes to travelling a considerable distance, it is always better to go to the airlines, even when you have other options available. Aircrafts are fast, considerably reliable and safe, and air travel will save you from fatigue mental and physical. However, there is just one downside to all of this, and that is the cost associated with air travel. Yes, the cost can be considerably higher compared to other means of travel, take the bus for example. Imagine a scenario where you have to travel across states, and you either can take the bus, or can get on an airplane. The bus will always win in terms of cost. There is one slight issue with air travel, that make some people very cautions of them. That is, even though the probability of a plane crash is extremely low, but if that ever happens, hardly anyone survives such a disaster. So, you also want to make sure that the airlines you are travelling with has a safe track record. In our article today, we try to address both these issues, cost and safety of air travel.

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