Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathway is the most popular stock market investor in the world, and he has made many changes during the 2020 fourth quarter in its 13F securities portfolio to adjust to new positive trends of the market. Buffett’s Berkshire security portfolio continues to polish its financial stock position as revealed by the latest report on the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is no longer the stakeholder of PNC and JPMorgan Chase at the start of 2020, which has ended the 2019 fourth quarter with a 45% stake in the finance sector. The stake in Wells Fargo and US Bancorp in the 2020 fourth quarter has been cut out by Berkshire Hathaway but has kept its position in the American Express, Bank of America, and Bank of New York. According to fourth-quarter filings, 19% of the total Berkshire’s worth $260 billion 13F portfolios have been represented by financial stocks. Berkshire Hathaway in early 2020 has sold all of its stake in airline firms. Only a few stocks such as Chevron and Verizon communications have been found by Warren Buffett’s investment firm for purchasing opportunities. This article will be late on discussing these two stocks as two of them are on the leading position in the list of Top 10 Stock Picks by Warren Buffett.

A position in The Kraft Heinz Company has been held for many years by Warren Buffett. During the fourth quarter, its hedge fund position remained constant. 4.18% of Buffett’s portfolio, is held by it, which makes it the fifth-largest stock holding in the portfolio. During the pandemic situation, the performance of Kraft Heinz shares was well and was stable at the beginning of 2021. Despite the growth in 2020, in the past 5 years, there 50% decline seen in Kraft Heinz’s stock price, however, a large number of dividends have been gained by Berkshire Hathaway from the consumer staples company. Currently, 4.5% of dividend yield has been offered by the company. The long-term stakeholder of the consumer finance giant American Express Company is Warren Buffett. In 2020 AXP stock price declined but since the start of this year, its shares are reuniting due to the reopening of tourism and traveling. The shareholder also gets dividends from American Express with 1.3% of dividend yield. Despite this, recovering from this situation is still the focus of the company and getting the original EPS expectations it has in 2020 for 2022. Read more at Warren Buffett’s Top 10 Stock Picks.

Top 10 Stock Picks by Warren Buffett