Top 10 Stock Picks Of Billionaire John Paulson


John Paulson is a billionaire investing guru who has successfully transformed his hedge fund into  the family office in the year 2020. He has availed advantages through his bullish bets on healthcare and gold stocks in the year 2020 after observing lackluster returns during the last several years. John Paulson is popular as the founder of Paulson & Co along with generating $20 billion profits as a result of his bet again the specific financial collapse that occurred in 2008. Although he earned only $5 billion through his betting on gold in 2010, this investment strategy in gold markets had negatively affected the stock portfolio of this hedge fund in the past decade. Here, we will be discussing the Top 10 Stock Picks of Billionaire John Paulson as shared by Insider Monkey. According to the post by Insider Monkey:

“John Paulson founded Paulson & Co in 1994 and the hedge fund managed almost $36 billion of assets at its peak, but assets under management fell to $9 billion last year. The fund is currently managing almost $10 billion in assets under management and its 13F portfolio’s value stood around $3.2 billion at the end of the September quarter.”

The first company we are going to review is DISH Network Corporation. The position of John Paulson in this stake underperformed in the year 2020 as the share value of this TV service provider reduced to 10% in the past 12 months. DISH has lost around more than half of its share value since a position was initiated by John Paulson in this company in 2017. Currently, the focus of the firm is on extending its wireless service offering. As a result of this, the company acquired Boost Mobile and gain around 9 million subscribers. The aim of the DISH company is to bring innovation in the wireless marketplaces through 5G broadband network, Open RAN, and cloud-native network. 

The next company on the list is Discovery, Inc. in which the position of Paulson underperformed in the past 12 months besides having a share rally of around 27% in the previous month. The investment firm has started a position in this company in the year 2017 but a range-bound transition has been experienced by Discovery shared in the last 3 months. The current rally in the price of shares of Discovery is supported by the strategy of the company to move into various streaming services. There are some other stock picks of this hedge fund as well which you can read directly in the post “Billionaire John Paulson’s Top 10 Stock Picks” by Insider Monkey.

Top 10 Stock Picks Of Billionaire John Paulson