Top 10 U.S. Cities for Green Companies


Going green is the future, and perhaps our only option in the long run. Many companies around the world are going green, and many companies are starting off life as a green company to begin with. After all, we only have this tiny little spec of a planet to call our own and every second we are wearing out its resources. And eventually, we will exhaust all of its resources, ending life as we know it for certain. Unless of course, we take drastic measures to prevent this bleak but certain future. We have come a long way as a race. Our civilization began based on technology, and technology is advancing at a tremendous pace. If you are able to prolong our planet’s destruction long enough, perhaps we will be able to avert this gloomy future after all. But for that to happen every one of us must do their part. Going green is not just the most recent trend, but it is an absolute necessity. Now that the companies are going green, things can really change for good. However, as individuals we also must do our part to keep our environment safe and healthy as well.

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