Top 11 Filipino Movies of All Time


When it comes to movies, they are still the best form of entertainment there is. And hands down Hollywood is the most dominant when it comes to movies. Now that being said, almost every other nation in the world has its own film industry, and every now and then world class movies are made. If you are an avid fan of movies, and you are not easily daunted by the language barrier, then this is the perfect article for you. Philippine, the island nation of the Southeast Asian subcontinent has a long and illustrious history of film making. However, most of the films made there are in the native language “Tagalog” which might be a bit off putting for a native English speaker. But apart from that, Philippine has some amazing movies to offer. And if you enjoy watching foreign films, then it is absolutely necessary that you give Filipino movies a chance. I am quite sure that you will not be disappointed. But as oppose to big budget Hollywood productions, you cannot expect exceptional special effects or videography, but these films rather rely on strong acting, good story telling and engaging characters. If you are into these things, then by all means, go through our list of best Filipino movies.

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