Top 11 Philippine Universities in the World


Even though it might be redundant, but regardless I would like to start with a brief introduction of Philippine. The Republic of the Philippines (Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas), is a Southeast Asian sovereign island country, with a rich culture and history. Even though Philippine has a rough start, but at present it is doing very good compared to neighboring Southeast Asian countries. It gained its independence in 1945, and after that a long period of political turmoil ensued, but eventually Democracy was restored after a revolution. Now that being said, Philippine has managed to stay in the spotlight through its remarkable achievements in the past few decades, and the country is developing rapidly. As is its education system, today we will be talking about the top universities of the country and where they stand compared to the top universities of the world. Please do not expect anything extra ordinary just yet, but the potential is most certainly there, and with time, eventually Philippine will live up to the expectations of its people. If you have to go to a University in Philippine, then the following list will certainly show you the right path.

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