Top 11 Running Doping Scandals Of All Time


The world is a highly competitive place, there is no doubt about that. And the world of athletes is no exception. In the world of athletes literally the second place is for the first loser, and every athlete in every sports tries their best hit the first place, but we all know that there can only be one person who can achieve that glory. Doping is the term used to refer to substance abuse by athletes. It is not necessarily narcotics, rather there are chemicals out there that can greatly enhance a person’s capability to a great degree and thus allowing him or her to perform beyond their capacity and thus allowing them a rather unfair advantage in athletic competitions. There are drugs that allow a person the enhance his or her endurance by facilitating blood cells to carry more oxygen and other commonly used drug by athletes is steroids that enhances their muscle power, such as testosterone. Use of these types of drugs is prohibited in any athletic competitions, however that does not keep athletes from using. Today we will be focusing on “Running” a very common and perhaps the simplest form of athletics there is. Running requires a lot of physical stamina and muscle power from the athletes, and as we explore the list at hand, we will unveil some of the Top 11 Running Doping Scandals Of All Time.

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