Top 11 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality in 2017


Smartphones are the most prolific electronic gadgets in the world right now. Smartphones outsell any other type of computer by a huge margin, but we are not here to talk about sales figures and potential profit these smartphone manufacturing companies are making. As the title reads, we are going to talk about a feature of smartphones that is not discusses that often, which is rather unfortunate. A few years back, only a handful of smartphone manufacturers actually tried to pitch their products based on sound quality, but nowadays it seems every manufacturer just reaches the industry standard, which is not that high and leaves it there. If you are an audiophile and love music, then certainly you would want more out of your very expensive and capable phone. The thing is, most smartphones are quite capable computers so to make them sound better is really not that difficult, or at least it should not be. Anyway, there are not many great sounding smartphones out there for you to pick from, but the ones we have selected for our list will most definitely suffice. Without further ado, let me point you in the right direction.

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