Top 11 US Cities With Most Skyscrapers in 2015


The huge skyscrapers all around the world stand witness to the amazing ingenuity and brilliance of us humans. Though they might not fascinate us at the same level as a wonderful work of art. But these modern marvels or state of the art, architecture and structural engineering have their own place in our psyche. Also, at present all our major cities are faced with an incredible challenge of providing housing for is ever growing population. And no matter how we look at it, the land available to us is not going to increase any time soon. But the world is constantly growing in population. Though this explosive population growth is not that apparent in first world countries, but the population is increasing none the less. And city planners and municipal authorities are looking at skyscrapers as a viable solution. That being said, today we will not be looking at the entire world as well try to find the cities with the most skyscrapers in it, rather we will only take a look at cities that are inside the United States of America.

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