Being an anesthesiologist means determining the thin line between life and death. That’s right. This is one of the most responsible jobs in the operating room. Therefore, it’s vital that you have the best knowledge and training. Insider Monkey is advising one of the top 12 anesthesiology residency programs in 2018.

Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine that is usually slightly neglected by the general public. Only when an incident happens does the spotlight turn to an anesthesiologist. It all comes from ignorance. If you asked a random passer-by to explain what an anesthesiologist is and what anesthesiologists do, we seriously doubt if he/she would have any other idea except mumbling something like: “He puts the people to sleep.” Surgeons get all the glory, but it is actually the anesthesiologist that’s keeping you alive during the whole process. Even if it’s a minor one, such as removing an appendix, you are at the mercy of an anesthesiologist and his management of your oxygen level and anesthetics or sedatives. His job is to monitor you closely and watches out for any changes in your state. Therefore, next time you have to undergo an operation, you should be shaking hands with the anesthesiologist, too.

How long it takes to become an anesthesiologist, what is the average salary, what is the lowest salary – all of these are answered in the article. Also, the rankings are very interesting. You’ll see the location and tuition for every medical school, along with the salary for the first-year students. Actually, one of the criteria for ranking was comparing how much a resident’s salary is higher than the in-state tuition. Certainly that should be very important considering the loans most of the students take.

Without a doubt, this is an engrossing read for all those thinking about saving people’s lives in a modest, less obvious manner. Check out top 12 anesthesiology residency programs in 2018!