Top 12 Countries With Declining Population


There is no doubt that we humans are the most dominant species on the planet. We have been on the very top of the food chain for quite some time now. And if you compare the data, you will see that we have been growing rapidly in number for the past few millennia. In fact, in some countries the growth is alarmingly high. Mostly in the region of Asia and in countries like China and India. More than half of the entire world’s population resides in Asia. Now, that said, what is happening in other parts of the world? Well, the countries that made our list today have a totally opposite scenario. These countries are steadily losing its population. The over growth of population is one thing, but if a country starts to lose population that brings about a totally new set of problems. If you are interested in anthropology and demography, then I assure you, you are going to love our article. Unfortunately, in this short intro I cannot go into further details about today’s topic, but I will most certainly point you in the right direction.

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