The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 enhanced the global drive of medical devices and other instruments across the globe. Medical devices are used by doctors to treat and cure patients and improve the quality of their life. With the passage of time, as medical sciences developed during the past couple of decades, the medical devices evolved over a period. The medical devices which we see today in the field of medical science are totally different. With advancement in technology, medical devices and machines have become easy to use. Devices like hearing aids have experienced a lot of technological advancement. Besides use of Artificial Intelligence in the IT sector, AI is also being used in the medical device industry to deliver quality healthcare solutions to patients. Emerging trends in AI are being deployed in areas including GE Healthcare CT scans, insulin delivery, imaging tools for kidney and liver. There are some apps which monitor the situation of the patients. It believed that as we move ahead, medical devices will experience further integration of AI for more accurate and reliable results about the patient. In this article we will briefly discuss Top 15 Medical Device Companies In The World as shared by Insider Monkey.

Fresenius Medical Care is a notable German company, headquartered in Bad Homburg. The total revenue of this company stands at $39.6 billion while it owns total assets worth $75.2 billion. Fresenius Medical Care healthcare company offers dialysis medical equipment and services to hospitals. It also provides inpatient and outpatient medical services. The company has a total workforce of 294,134 people. According to company sources, the company witnessed an increase of 230% in production of dialysis machines which arose in the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic. The company supports around 4,000 dialysis clinics as well. Another renowned company is Johnson & Johnson. It is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. This company came into being in the year 1886. In the beginning the company operations were limited to treating wounds using sterile equipment but later, Johnson & Johnson enhanced to other areas of the medical industry. Currently, it is the largest healthcare company in the world and the most profitable as well. The total number of people working in the company are 130,000. Total revenue of the company stands at $82.8 billion. Check out 15 Largest Medical Device Companies In The World to read about other global medical device companies.

Top 15 Medical Device Companies In The World