A country’s education infrastructure is its backbone. With a good education system in place, a country ensures its sustainability. Because those who are mere preschoolers today, will become the people who eventually will run the country in the future and take it further. If a country is able to produce multiple generations of educated individuals, it can pull through any difficulty that it may face. Therefore, having a good education system is a must for any country. The importance of education cannot be described in the brief premise of this article, so I would not bother with that. But, today we will be talking about a few universities in the United States that have managed to gain popularity around the globe, as world class educational institutions. Any one of these universities should be the primary choice for anyone, who is willing to move ahead in life, because without proper education, moving up in life is no longer an option. Any why bother going to another country when the United States is home to some of the best even if not the best educational institutions of the world. The competition for getting admission in such universities is obviously though, since each candidate must compete with the very best minds in the country.

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