A good, elegant, and beautiful watch is an indicator of a good style and fashion. Some watches are meant for luxury and elegance, combined with aesthetic style and craftsmanship. In the past, pocket watches were considered as jewellery. On the other hand, now-a-days, elegant wrist watches have replaced those pocket watches. In the current era, the consumers are too much fashion-conscious and there is a quest and desire for possessing iconic products. With the ever-increasing consumer desire for elegance, the watch industry has experienced unprecedented growth during recent years. The top-notch watch brands are focusing on evolution and innovation to inspire people to spend more on luxurious watches. Rolex is believed to be an iconic brand of the watch industry. People who are fond of watches are of the view that watches are not only a timepiece. They are an identity to showcase the person’s living style. Watches come in various types and sizes. The characteristic like colour, material, design, and mechanism of each watch is different. Some watches are hand-made while others are made through specialized machines. It is a hobby for some people to collect antique and new watches. We will discuss Top 15 Watch Companies in this article as shared by Insider Monkey.

One of the major watch company is Ralph Lauren. This company has a vast operation in four major categories: home, fragrances, apparel, and accessories. It also produces elegant watches inline to contemporary fashion. The company is owned by fashion designer Ralph Lauren. It is headquartered in the New York City. The company has several subsidiaries including Club Monaco Corporation, Polo Jeans Company, LLC, Ralph Lauren Media, LLC and several others. Patrice Louvet is the President and Company’s CEO while Ralph Lauren is the Executive Chairman and CCO. David Lauren is the Vice Chairman and CIO of the company. Around 18,000 people are working in this company. Another watch company is the Swiss company Richemont. The company was founded by South African trader Johann Rupert way back in 1988 in Switzerland. The company specializes in the areas like watches, luxury goods and jewellery products. Currently, 35,000 people are associated with this company. According to sources, the new revenue of the company is 14.238 billion Euros. The company’s net assets are worth of 30.461 billion Euros. Johann Rupert currently heads the company as its Chairman. There are several other watch companies about which the details can be found at 15 Biggest Watch Companies In the World.

Top 15 Watch Companies