“Apart from being the world’s biggest producer of coffee and from having Jesus Christ look over its capital, which has become the signature image of the country, Brazil is also one of the biggest exporters of best soccer players. While in the rest of the world soccer remains a secondary thing, in Brazil it has become embedded in the very tradition. Given its presence in the Brazilian culture, it has become a way of life for many. Work is not given priority when Brazilian national soccer team is playing, and it is probably the only time when streets are deserted. Brazilians take great pride in the achievements of their soccer team, rightfully so, and are probably the most passionate supporters. They practically invented dribbling and their distinctive style of playing makes you support them even if you are in no touch with Brazil whatsoever.”

Brazil’s national team is the most successful team in the FIFA World Cup. Brazil participated in all World Cup series and bore the title of the soccer world champion five times. There is no denying that soccer is an integral part of Brazilian culture and something Brazilians excel at. What pizza is to Italians, soccer is to Brazilians. Some of the most famous names the world of soccer has heard are Brazilian in origin. Pele, who by many is considered to be the best soccer player of all times, is Brazilian. Given the reputation he enjoys, there is no surprise that he came at the top of the list of Top 20 Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time recently published by Insider Monkey. Players who have made the list are those who have left a significant mark in the world of soccer and who represented Brazil at World Cup series. To read interesting bio facts and enjoy watching some of the best moves, check out the article.