In the beginning the world was not ready to admit about climate change and increase in pollution. Whenever there was a discussion about this subject, either it was ignored, or the people did not pay attention to it as they were unable to witness the climatic effects. Things started to change rapidly during the past 1 decade as considerable change in climate patterns could be seen. Every year is being considered as the hottest year and to date, 2020 was the hottest year while the past five years were hottest since 1880. Apart from that, we are experiencing extreme weather conditions during summer as well as winters. The Intensity of flooding and storms have increased. Witnessing all signs of change in the climate, people have started to believe that it is real. We are now being advised by global agencies to prefer using paper instead of plastic and to adopt aggressive plantation. Still, a lot needs to be done. We should prefer travelling by train and bus and do carpooling to reduce our carbon footprint and air pollution. In this article, we have shared Top 20 Global Companies Which Are Causing Pollution on Yahoo website as shared by Insider Monkey.

One of the companies causing pollution is Pemex. The total greenhouse gas emissions from this company during 1965 till 2017 was 22.65 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. This figure has been calculated in percentage as 1.67%. Based in Mexico, this company was held responsible for one of the biggest oil spills in the global history. The oil spill was a threat to the aquatic life and the environment. Another company that is causing pollution is Royal Dutch Shell. From the year 1965 until 2017, the total greenhouse gas emissions from the company are calculated to be 31.95 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. This amount is equivalent to 2.36%. Shell is a multi-national company and is currently operating in 70 countries. The company faced charges for being a threat to the environment from 6 NGOs and 17,000 citizens. Moreover, the company has also been charged for maintaining poor environmental record. Earlier, Shell was accused of greenwashing. Like above corporations, there are various other companies which are causing irreparable damage to the environment and the natural habitats. To read more, visit 20 Companies That Are the Biggest Polluters In The World.

Top 20 Global Companies Which Are Causing Pollution