Top 20 Valuable and Innovative AI Companies in the World


Here is a summary of all the companies in Insider Monkey’s Top 20 Valuable and Innovative AI Companies in the World.

CloudMinds specializes in smart devices, cloud systems, and robotics. Their cloud system operates robots, intelligent terminals, and smart communication devices to crowd health and infrastructure monitoring. Bright Machines works to deploy robotic systems that will further ease tasks in manufacturing. It is focused in making robots that work as precisely as humans to help automate manufacturing and industrial processes.

Upstart Holdings, Inc. is an AI lending platform which provides affordable credit to their clients while ensuring minimal costs and risk for their lending partners. OpenAI provides AI based search and recommendation engines for organizations who want to create a personalized experience for their customers by making use of relevant information during every interaction.

Hippo Insurance aims to make the process of insurance more millennial-friendly as they uses AI processes to pull publicly available data about each property and provides buyers with a more realistic idea of each property. Trax has created a computer vision technology that retrieves, measures and analyzes what is actually happening on store shelves. It is primarily an image recognition company focused on the retail industry.

Dataminr makes use of natural learning processes, deep learning and advanced statistical modelling methods to help their clients manage risk and crises effectively.

Verkada provides security cameras that are connected to the cloud and are also equipped with other AI driven features such as movement and object detection. Graphcore develops innovative hardware systems that help in accelerating applications that use machine learning tools.

Zymergen is using genomics, automation, and machine learning to develop innovative biomanufacturing technologies that can be used in the areas of agriculture, electronics, and even personal care. Nuro has potential to change the transport and logistics industry. Their use of AI combined with the power of robotics has made them create a self-driving delivery vehicles.

DataRobot is delivering innovative technologies such as ROI enablement services that are used by global enterprises. Zoox develops autonomous vehicles focused on the robo-taxi market. It has employed the latest technologies to develop autonomous driving rather than making use of normal cars which are fitted with autonomous driving capabilities

Megvii uses deep-learning technology and focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide services to the public sector. It provides solutions for smart cities IoT, supply chain IoT and personal IoT. They also provide face recognition, detection and analysis platforms. SenseTime  has found new ways to integrate AI technologies like machine vision, remote sensing, autonomous driving systems and image and video analysis to stand out from the rest.

Samsara uses sensor systems connected via the internet to support construction, logistic, transport, food production, manufacturing, and industry projects by collecting and supplying data which enables the industries to regulate their operations. Automation Anywhere developed Robotic Process Automation software which uses software bots to make business processes more efficient as they combine its cloud automation technology with AI, analytics and machine learning.

DJI‘s groundbreaking camera and drone technology makes use of state-of-the-art image recognition and is already set to enter the robotics and autonomous vehicle industry. UiPath has created a platform to implement automation and cloud deployment. This has made it a global leader in data process mining and robotic process automation.

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